PharmaGenetics INC Marketing

Shaping the platform for strategic pharmaceutical and healthcare product growth

PharmaGenetics INC values guide us in delivering on our mission to improve the lives of patients around the country every day.

PharmaGenetics INC strategy is to capitalize on the increasing trend among pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies to creatively detail physicians and other healthcare professionals.

At PharmaGenetics INC we have defined a clear set of strategic pillars in order to deliver on our strategy. To support this, we need to ensure that we continue to develop leading capabilities to harness PharmaGen' Pharmaceutical Sales Rep teams potential..

Operation Excellence

We are building capability across our business and focusing on the three pillars of our strategy to help drive profitable growth. We monitor our businesses against six financial and three non-financial goals. Our large and extremely competent Pharmaceutical Sales Rep team support with the execution of our strategy are important drivers of improved business performance over the short, medium and long term.

Margin Expansion

We aim to continually increase margins to drive improved profitability. Improving productivity and increasing operational efficiencies are a key focus of our organic growth strategy to drive the expansion of business unit, divisional and group margins.

Capital Deployment

We have a strong track record of efficient capital allocation and we deploy capital in areas where we identify the greatest strategic benefit and shareholder returns. We continue to invest in scalable infrastructure to support the delivery of sustainable future growth, ensuring there is a robust infrastructure in place to manage the existing business and to integrate future innovative healthcare as well as pharmaceutical vendors.