For a patient, the answer is simple. It means the best quality care at the lowest possible cost.

For the non-acute market, it's not as simple. Where is it delivered? How? By whom? For whom? And when you have to keep up with the changes in the evolving healthcare ecosystem, answering that initial question can be a challenge.

At PharmaGenetics Inc, we're always looking ahead—whether it's the latest products and services, cutting-edge technology, or the most effective ways to run a successful practice—to deliver the solutions that are critical at the dawn of the value-based environment.

We are here for you:

  • Industry-leading distribution, service, and delivery
  • Healthcare technology solutions and automated ordering tools
  • Expansive healthcare services, pharmaceutical prescriptions services, medical equipment, laboratory testing, and pharmaceutical product offerings.
  • Our Pharmaceutical Sales Rep team act as Practice Management specialists providing consultation to maximize a clinics total revenue potential
  • We provide to all of our customers a healthcare services sales rep team with business and supply chain expertise to meet unique needs
  • Financing and leasing programs, healthcare office design and setup, pharma hotline, and more
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